Caring For Your Soft Home Furnishings

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We serge every seam in our products to make them stronger and to avoid fraying when the article is cleaned. Cushion covers, box seat covers and duvet covers are made with zippers to allow for easy cleaning.

Different fabric types have different care instructions. When you purchase your fabric, ask the Sales Associate the composition of the fabric and the most appropriate care instructions.


With the blinds in the “down” position, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove dust in vertical downwards movements. If the fabric needs more than just a vacuum, you can have it dry-cleaned. Our blinds are manufactured in such a way that you can easily remove the dowels, strings and detach it from the Velcro’ed head baton to allow for dry-cleaning.


Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment to remove dust from your drapes. You can also have them dry-cleaned. Washing is a possibility if the fabric was pre-washed before your drapes were manufactured. Be careful to wash fabric that has not been pre-washed because the fabric may shrink leaving you with drapes that are too short.

Sheer drapes made of synthetic fabric can often be washed. Make sure to remove all the drapery hooks to avoid damage to the fabric while in the washing machine. Make sure you know the content of the fabric before washing it. When in doubt, take it to the drycleaner.


We allow for a certain degree of shrinkage when we make duvet covers. When you choose fabric for a duvet cover or bedskirt, make sure it is washable. It is also a good idea to pre-wash the fabric before the article is sewn.

Cushion Covers and Box Seat Covers

A quick vacuum with a soft brush can get rid of dust and freshen your cushion covers. Depending on the fabric content, you may be able to wash your cushion covers, although you may prefer to have them dry-cleaned. Consider carefully before washing cushion covers that have a piping trim on the edge, as the piping rope (inside the piping) will shrink when washed.