Choosing Fabric

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The choices are unlimited and the staff at most reputable fabric stores have a good knowledge of the qualities of different types of fabric. Just ask!  For drapes, you can choose almost any type of fabric. For roman blinds, try to avoid stretchy fabrics as they will tend to sag, distracting from the neat, angular look. Fabrics that drape or sag easily work well for relaxed roman blinds.


When choosing fabric with a pattern, remember to allow extra fabric for pattern matching. Staff at fabric stores will be able to tell you the pattern repeat measurements and adjust the amount of fabric you need accordingly.  Avoid fabric with a large pattern or motif for Roman blinds that will be in the “up” position most of the time, as the design will be hidden when the blind is pulled up. If your roman blind is more likely to be down, a large motif fabric may work well.